panormaic view of table mountain, atlantic coast and cape town city bowl from lions head cape town relocation and property specialists  storm and rainbow over table mountain and twelve apostles  cape town wine farm  victoria and alfred waterfront cape town period cape dutch properties for purchase and rent in hout bay and constantia cape town
panormaic view of table mountain, atlantic coast and cape town city bowl from lions head cape town relocation and property specialists  storm and rainbow over table mountain and twelve apostles  cape town wine farm  victoria and alfred waterfront cape town period cape dutch properties for purchase and rent in hout bay and constantia cape town
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"Of the 20+ changes in residence I have had in my life, only two have been seamless near non-events: an in-city move within San Francisco and our recent relocation from the United States to Cape Town.

The former was simple, the latter felt that way due to the extraordinary services provided by Sue and Darren McDermott of Space, SA. It is almost impossible to overstate the value provided by their company ‐ not only did they over-deliver on every possible aspect of our relocation, they anticipated, assisted, and preempted issues which we would never have known about.

For example, our two year old daughter was accepted into our first choice of schools in an astonishingly smooth process; later on we learned (from the school, not Sue!) that Sue had maintained constant contact with the school in order to ensure that our daughter was expected and welcomed. Sue never mentioned it to us, but it made an enormous difference. This is but one of the countless examples of ‘the little things’ that differentiate Space SA from all other relocation experts I've ever met.

Regarding ‘the big things’ (such as finding, showing, and renting us the perfect short AND long-term homes), the Space team took extraordinary care in listening to our every requirement, from toddler-proof staircases to wireless internet capability and neighborhood activities. From there, they created the perfect portfolio of options, and then worked assiduously to draft a lease that suited us perfectly. In short, I had high hopes when I began working with Sue and Darren, and I can honestly say that they have exceeded every single one.

Still, I didn't expect that the act of moving my wife and baby daughter from one side of world to another would end up being a pleasure rather than an ordeal ‐ and for that, all credit goes to Space. Choosing to work with them was one of the best decisions I've made, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else considering a move to Cape Town."

Joseph, Kyra, and little Charlotte, Hout Bay's newest emigrants from the USA!

"When we were first told of our pending move to Cape Town we started some basic Internet research but with one exception found it hard to get any sensible response, a problem we now face almost daily now that we are living in South Africa ! The one exception was Sue McDermott at Space SA. Sue responding quickly and comprehensively to all those early emails and for us we knew that it would only be Space that we would trust to handle our move and the all important point of finding us a new home for the next 3 years.

Once the battles with the Company not to use their preferred supplier were won we started to officially engage with Sue , briefing her on our housing requirements and the short timeline we had to visit Cape Town and relocate all at the peak summer holiday season. Sue advised us on the right areas to live and vetted all the houses we visited so , after 2 days house hunting we had the hard decision of choosing between 2-3 great properties. Space handle all the difficult landlord negotiations and organized all the necessary contractors so that when we did arrive permanently in Cape Town we were standing in the lounge of our lovely new home after 3 hours from touch down and already had our dogs there with us !

We have moved overseas a number of times before but can say without any doubt this was the smoothest of all these relocations. We have sue McDermott at Space to thank for that as an expat herself and with 8 years experience of living in South Africa , Sue was exactly the right choice for us and we were proved right to battle corporate policy to use her services. We would not have trusted anyone else. The service she provides in nothing other than first class."

Kay and David Lewis, Rentokil

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    • "Our relocation from Greece was made easy thanks to your fantastic team! Upon our arrival everything was planned and scheduled based on our needs and requirements. Our family's transition was smooth and stress free.

      Thank you for your service and professionalism. We would highly recommend your company to anyone contemplating a move and we would request your services again."

      Kosmatos family.

      "When we were asked to move to Cape Town from New York a daunting sense of deja vu ensued as we anticipated yet another painful process relocating with kids and everything that entails. Having moved internationally 4 times prior we had dealt with a number of "relocation professionals", but sadly none of them had lived up to the level of professionalism their names suggested.

      That is why we decided to ignore the corporate policy of going with one of the large relocation groups and instead decided to source a provider we felt would genuinely care about our needs and concerns. This is how we came across Sue and Darren at Space SA and the wonderful service they provide. From the very first contact with Sue we were happy with our decision and all subsequent dealings only served to reinforce that initial impression.

      Although I am sure Sue was working with a number of clients at the time of our "look see" and move, the level of proactive and responsive service she provided made it feel like we were her primary concern. She was always available on our schedule and always happy to address even the most petty of concerns raised. Most importantly she managed to place all of our kids in our school of choice (despite the school having told us it would be impossible) and she secured us a great rental property which really helped our transition back to life in South Africa.

      When it came time to start looking for a home to buy, we did not need to think twice about calling on the services of Space SA again and we are very happy we did.

      Thanks for making our return to South Africa such a pleasure Sue and Darren!"

      Frank, Micky, Megan, Declan and Erin (returning South Africans).

      At first, before we arrived in Cape Town, we did research on the internet where we found the Space site and made contact with them by email. We were completelly lost as we didn"t know where to start and who we could trust to achieve our dream of living nearest my husband who is working in Angola for the last 9 years.

      It was by Sue McDermott that our dream could be fulfilled. With all her experience, attention, professionalism and sensitivity, she found us a provisional home with an excellent price just to get out of the peak season, where we stayed a month and it still another obstacle, that the house would accept our dog Billy. And all of this was arranged by her!

      After the end of the month, she also managed us to move to a bigger house that could behave the whole family with our three teenagers including our mascot Billy. And it was a wonderfull house as well!

      I will be forever grateful to Sue and the Space for supporting us from the beginning because she was a fundamental part in the whole process because without her our dream would not came true.

      From a happy Brazilian family,

      Claudia, Julio Cesar Neves and kids - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

      "When we originally decided to move (back) to South Africa after 14 years in the Netherlands we didn't realise what a huge endeavour a relocation was even if you are partially (ex) South African.

      Luckily and thanks to our intuition, Space SA's fabulous website and the first reconnaissance (Skype) call which we had with Sue McDermott we quickly realised that using Space SA and Sue would be the best choice in maintaining our sanity.

      Although we know Cape Town and have been travelling to Cape Town on holiday annually, Sue very quickly helped us confirm that Hout Bay would be the best place for us to settle with our two boys of 7 and 5 and although we didn't directly use the school placement service, Sue helped with great tips on school choice.

      With Space SA's help we found the perfect house in the perfect secure estate for our kids. Little did we know this at the time but thanks to our faith in Sue we made the perfect choice.

      We also used Space SA's project management service and the fabulous and resourceful Serena Harrison to make sure that our house would be liveable (we rented an entirely unfurnished house) and literally arrived in SA the day before Christmas eve. After a 12 hour flight, we arrived and settled in that evening to a perfectly arranged house with beds made, fridge filled and a welcome card and beautiful flowers waiting for us ‐the perfect welcome!

      After months of enduring the stress of a move, there are no words to describe how relaxed we felt when finally arrived all thanks to the unbelievable professionalism of Space SA and Sue and Serena.

      Sue and Darren have also subsequently helped us settle in with linking up with the network ‐finding friends for our kids in the estate and finding a baby sitter and a good insurance broker.

      Thank you for everything Sue, Darren and Serena. We have no doubt in recommending you - what you offer is ‘above and beyond’.

      Paul, Yael, Daniel and Ruben (the latest Hout Bay residents from Amsterdam)

      "It was almost one year ago to the day that we started the search for rental property in Cape Town. Relocating from Johannesburg to Cape Town may well sound like a simple process − not to be in our case! I had never lived in the Cape before − my husband had − so we were looking for an interim rental to allow us the time to both settle into the Cape and to explore different areas prior to purchasing our home.

      Endless trawling on the internet, two separate trips to Cape Town and loads of unkept promises by multiple estate agents left us frustrated beyond words. We simply had to find another way to make our move happen − so back trawling on the internet − and that is how we discovered Space and Sue McDermott.

      From our first encounter with Sue and Space we knew that we had a professional company and a highly proficient woman on-side. The value that her services provided to us was priceless. Whilst our request looked simple in the brief, our requirements and standards were somewhat specific, so sourcing our interim home proved a little more challenging. Yet nothing was too much trouble for Sue. She searched; she vetted and sourced options to view, advised us, educated us, counselled us and even taxied us around different areas to guide us in our selection of areas in which to live. At all times in the journey with Space we were kept totally in the loop as to progress and options. Homes that were shortlisted as options by Sue were not only vetted by her but also fully photographed and sent to us for our pre-viewing in Johannesburg − what a pleasure!

      And then of course she found the gem! Through her excellent relationships with all the necessary people in the Cape, Sue was able to negotiate select viewing for the home we now find ourselves living in. She did all the necessary arrangements with the agents and the landlord all the way down to lease advice and negotiations. Upon arrival in our home the service continued to the point of taking care of all those little things that you never think about in relocating to a new city. The beautiful flower that she presented us with upon arrival still blooms with the same joy that she brought into our lives throughout our experience with her. Thank you Sue, you are one in a million!

      We would not hesitate in recommending Space Relocation. Their service is nothing short of exemplary. If you are looking for a company who knows what they are doing and runs the extra mile before you can even think about it − you have found the right people in Sue and Darren McDermott."

      The Eyre's − Green Point, Cape Town, May 2013.

      "To say SPACE over-deliver actually feels like an understatement. We've moved internationally 3 times and we've never come across a relocation agent that even gets close to their service. They are one of the key reasons that we lived through an almost painless and stress-free move and are very happy and settled now. They were part of the process even before we'd made our decision to come, giving us practical guidance and information on Cape Town. Then they helped us get set up for the move, putting lots of things in place and prompting us to organise ourselves, so that when we actually arrived, it felt like dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s. If these guys were paid by the hour, then we'd be broke and they'd be millionaires!

      We couldn't recommend SPACE highly enough for their mixture of efficient, thorough professionalism and personal thoughtfulness and warmth. They were reactive, but also stayed one step ahead at every stage and used their knowledge to filter out and screen us from unnecessary hassle. They were even there with champagne when we got here and even brought toys for our 2 year old to borrow whilst we were in temporary accommodation ‐ you couldn't have got a nicer or more useful welcome!

      My final word would be on the school-finding service, which again, was thorough, personal, thoughtful and fantastic ‐ giving us choice, whilst narrowing it towards our brief. If we ever move again without Sue and Darren I just know we will be disappointed, because they seem to be one of a kind."

      Mr and Mrs Finn, who moved from Dijon France to Cape Town.

      "Nous avons fait appel à Space lors de notre expatriation au Cap en novembre 2012. Sue et Darren nous ont tout d'abord accompagnés dans le choix de notre quartier, puis ils nous ont donné une idée exacte du marché de la location. Leur connaissance de ce marché a été très précieuse, et préalablement à notre arrivée nous avons pu mieux définir nos critères de recherche. Dés notre arrivée, Daren nous a accompagnés dans la visite d'appartements et maisons, en parfait accord avec nos attentes. En quelques jours, nous avions trouvé la maison de nos rêves et fixé les termes de notre location. L'aide de Sue a par la suite était importante dans la négociation du bail, procédure bien plus lourde qu'en France. Leur aide a également été la bienvenue lors de l'état des lieux d'entrée. La valeur ajoutée de Space ne se limite pas à la simple recherche d'un nouveau logement, mais englobe également un conseil avisé dans le processus d'expatriation. Nous avons grandement apprécié leur aide et conseils lors de notre arrivée dans ce pays inconnu. Nous vous recommandons grandement Space pour votre expatriation."

      Charlotte et Philippe, expatriés français

      "We mandated Space in November 2012 to prepare our relocation to Cape Town. Sue and Darren firstly helped us to define our criteria and to have a better understanding of the real estate rental market in Cape Town. Their knowledge of the sector was really insightful and helpful to narrow down our visits to the most suitable areas. Before flying to Cape Town, we had a good understanding of what we were looking for. On the day of our arrival, Daren organized some visits of several flats and houses; which perfectly fitted with our expectations. Within a few days, we found the house of our dreams and settled the lease terms. Then, Sue was really helpful in the following part of the process, including the negotiation of the lease; which is more complex than in France. They also supported us in the incoming inventory of fixtures. Space is adding value not only in the search of your accommodation, but also encompass relevant advise all along the relocation process. We highly appreciated their support and help when we arrived in this unknown country. We highly recommend Space for your relocation."

      Charlotte and Philippe, French expatriates

      "From the first email back in February through to Sue and Darren meeting us at Cape Town Airport - complete with welcome banner, goodies for the kids, flowers, wine....!' Space have been totally and utterly amazing! Emigrating to South Africa from London with young children is quite an undertaking, but Space have made the whole thing feel quite effortless. Sue answered every possible query I had over the 7 months, and often before I'd even asked the question! We have managed to buy our dream home, and that was purely down to Darren spending days negotiating on our behalf with the vendor and estate agent. And our children are into the school and nursery of our choice, largely down to Sue having built a relationship with the relevant admissions staff. Basically, I can't thank Sue and Darren enough, as we keep telling them! I truly don't believe I could have done this without them. They have been totally professional, reliable, honest, diligent and fun from start to finish!"

      Mr and Mrs E Saunders, now living in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

      Our first contacts with Sue McDermott date back to 2007 when our plans to relocate to South Africa started to mature. Through the internet we contacted SPACE and from the very beginning we had a good feel with the way our (many) questions and issues were dealt with. For various reasons we had to postpone our move but in 2011 we made a firm decision to make the big step to South Africa. Being a Dutch family who lived for the past 15 years in Hong Kong and with no family or other contacts in South Africa it became quickly very evident that we needed professional support with our relocation to this fabulous country.

      Our first priority was to find suitable schools for our 2 daughters, aged 9 and 11. Sue is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the pros and cons of the various international schools in the Cape Town region. During our 1 week visit in August 2011 we visited a couple of schools and thanks to Sue we could quickly make a decision based on facts and feeling. Our daughters just completed their first term and from all angles we can confirm that our choice was the right one. A 2nd priority was to find a fully furnished house for the first two months of our stay, which coincided with the peak tourist season in SA (Jan and Feb).

      We visited a couple of houses which all came close to our needs and requirements but based on our feedback Sue quickly managed to further short list prospective properties which enabled us to make a decision to our full satisfaction. The same applies for the long term lease, which we found and signed after our arrival in SA in January. Although housing and schools are extremely important elements of a relocation, there are many other hurdles to be taken when you move to a new country. If the advice we were looking for was outside Sue's core knowledge, she always referred us to extremely capable professional consultants such as an immigration lawyer and tax consultant.

      On many, many basic and practical but very important issues such as the opening of a bank account, the transfer of a telephone line, reference to certain specialty shops, she always guided us to the most efficient solution. Most important however is that she is not only very professional and efficient but also very friendly and patient.

      We highly recommend SPACE for anybody considering to relocate to the Cape Town region and we are most willing to further share our experience with SPACE through e-mail or telephone (contact details are available with SPACE).

      Alida, Koos, Daisy and Ilona, Blijdorp

      "Wir sind für 3 Jahre geschäftlich nach Kapstadt gekommen. Da wir nur einen 5-tägigen preview trip hatten, um uns Häuser und Schulen anzuschauen und da wir vorher noch nie in SA waren, war das recht knapp. Sue hat diese 5 Tage optimal vorbereitet und uns überall hin begleitet. Auf Grund ihrer Erfahrung konnte sie uns sehr gut beraten sowie die richtigen Fragen stellen, sowohl in den Schulen als auch bei den Hausbesichtigungen, so daß wir nach kurzer Zeit eine sehr gute Vorstellung hatten von dem was wir wollten.

      Zurück in Deutschland hat uns Sue weiter unterstützt mit dem Mietvertrag und den Schulformalitäten, beides ist nicht zu unterschätzen. Wir sind jetzt schon einige Monate in Kapstadt und habe uns gut eingelebt, genießen das schöne Haus und den Pool und unser Sohn fühlt sich mittlerweile sehr wohl in der SA Schule. Auch hier hat uns Sue immer wieder mit guten Ratschlägen geholfen. Vielen Dank !"

      Familie Schauer, Melkbosstrand

      "We came upon during a web search using the key words "moving to South Africa". We are very happy we chose the service offered by Sue and Darren. Relocating two doctors with two teenage boys and a ten year old girl from Norway to South Africa may easily turn into a stressful adventure for anyone. Thanks to Sue and Darren's experience and professionalism it went smoothly. They know your needs and how to communicate during all phases of the relocation process. This makes you feel secure and confident. The accommodation they suggested for us was perfect. The premises fulfilled all our demands, located in a nice and secure neighbourhood as well as nearby the schools and place of work. The school-finding service was creditable. Finding the special care unit at St. Joseph's Marist College for our oldest son was a scoop - thank you Sue!

      The process of relocating our family was done professionally with efficient communication, reliability and a lot of work to comply with our needs. We will gladly recommend to everyone who is making plans of moving to Cape Town.’

      Mathilde (11), Øystein (16), Eirik (18), Elin & Stein Harald, Tromsø, Norway.

      Space Home Search and Relocation have been great right from the start, they listened to our requirements and got them spot on from both a family and lifestyle perspective. This was our 3rd country move in 5 years and Sue made this relocation (US to Cape Town) the smoothest that we have had. Sue has always been very professional and extremely thorough.

      This week we moved into our final long term rental after Sue had found us a short term rental for the past 3 months, and we are extremely happy with the house. Sue also helped us with our 'extra' requests along the way, such as fencing around the pools, baby sitting and she even gave our kids some toys to play with while our gear turned up from the US...

      We wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone that needs a reliable and professional relocation agent.

      The Cunninghams

      ‘Once again for the record. The job you have done so far has exceeded our expectations. You have made what could of been a nightmare of a process happen in the tightest of time scales. As you will probably discover your children end up being the most important things in your life and in turn their education is one of the most important things to them. I feel very relaxed that they will be remain happy and well educated when we arrive in South Africa. This is mostly down to your efforts. Your continued support in tidying up these few outstanding actions is much appreciated’

      Mr & Mrs P Piggott, who moved from Surrey, UK

      "We gave Space SA way too short a notice, as well as quite demanding specifications, but that turned out to be no problem whatsoever. Availability for a furnished, and pet-friendly, long-term rental in Cape Town is very limited. That we discovered ourselves before turning to Space SA. Upon our arrival in CT, we had a very well prepared tour waiting for us. The houses/townhouses we were shown were not that many, but the quality was beyond our expectations. Every step of the way until signing of the lease was really well managed. We would definitely recommend Space SA."

      Colleen and Antti from Helsinki, Finland .

      "Moving country can be a daunting experience, especially to the other end of the world. However SPACE helped make our transition a much smoother one than expected! Sue assisted us in finding a fabulous priced house to rent in a lovely area really close to our children's new school (a splendid bonus)! In addition to this she contributed a wealth of experience of Cape Town by advising us on where to shop for our needs in setting up home, doctors, hospitals, sights to see for us and the children and buying a car, just to name a few. Sue is also very encouraging and did her best to plug us into a network of work and social contacts, making Cape Town much easier for us to settle in."

      Lameen and Lili Abdul-Malik, UK Nationals moved from Vienna, Austria to Cape Town Dec 2009.

      "Vi fant ved søk på nettet med søkeordene "flytte til Sør-Afrika". Vi er veldig glade for at vi valgte den servicen som Sue og Darren kunne tilby. Flytte en familie bestående av to leger, to tenåringsgutter og en 10 års gammel jente kunne fort blitt en meget slitsom prosess for alle, men det gikk over alle forventninger ved hjelp av Sue og Darren sin ekspertise på dette området gikk hele prosessen uten problemer av noe slag. Huset de fant til oss ligger i et trygt område av byen, med hyggelige naboer, gangavstand til skolene til ungene og muligheter for trening i nærområdet. Når det gjaldt å finne skoler til ungene så gjorde Sue en formidabel jobb, spesielt til vår eldste sønn som trenger litt ekstra oppfølging. Klassen har har vær en del av i 5 månder nå er unik, det gjelder rektor, lærere, klassekamerater og ikke minst aktive foreldre.  Tusen takk - Sue.

      "Vi vil alltid kunne anbefale til alle som har planer om å flytte til Cape Town."

      Hilsen Elin Richardsen og Stein Harald Johnsen m/barn, Tromsø, Norge.

      "Moving abroad as a family can be a very daunting experience and we consider ourselves fortunate to have come across Space SA on the Internet. From the very beginning we received a very courteous and professional service. Viewings were arranged for a number of properties in a quick and efficient manner. Ongoing discussions were held which helped us make the necessary changes in order to be able to find the perfect property. Indeed the service did not end there and I still feel very comfortable consulting Space SA about any other incidentals that I had not envisaged. I would highly recommend using this company to anyone looking for property to rent or buy. Space SA represents exceptional value for money and consistently good service."

      Mr and Mrs Young, from the U.K..

      "We decided to move to South Africa on our way back from Cape Town in 2003, for a complete lifestyle change. We therefore contacted Sue and Darren by internet around March 2007. We realized it was necessary to have somebody in Cape Town to help us making our dream come true. We met Sue and Darren in August 2007. Their professionalism, their excellent knowledge of the property market and of all legal aspects of running a company in South Africa , as well as Sue's perfect practice of French were essential for the achievement of our project. We purchased an existing Guest House in Hout Bay, a mere 20 min from Cape Town city center, which is ideal for us. We see Sue and Darren very often, they are now our friends!"

      Patrice and Denis France ‐ Le Marais Guest House, Hout Bay ‐

      "Nous avons décidé de déménager en Afrique du Sud en rentrant de voyage en 2003 et de changer totalement de style de vie. Nous avons contacté Sue et Darren aux environs de mars 2007 car nous avons réalisé qu'il nous fallait un agent sur place pour nous aider à réaliser notre rêve.    Nous avons rencontré Sue et Darren en août 2007. Leur professionalisme, leur excellente connaissance du marché immobilier local, ainsi que de l'ensemble des aspects légaux liés à la création et au fonctionnement d'une entreprise en Afrique du Sud ont été essentiels à la réussite de notre projet. En outre, Sue parle couramment français, ce qui n'a pas manqué d'être un avantage, notamment lors de la négotiation!    Nous avons trouvé la propriété idéale a Hout Bay, à environ 20 minutes du centre ville du Cap.    Sue et Darren sont maintenant devenus des amis, et nous les voyons régulièrement!’

      Patrice and Denis France ‐ Le Marais Guest House, Hout Bay ‐

      "Onze eerste serieuze plannen om naar Zuid-Afrika te verhuizen waren er al in 2007. Onze eerste contacten (via internet) met Sue McDermott dateren uit deze periode. Toen al hadden we een goed gevoel over SPACE door de manier waarop al onze vragen werden beantwoord; persoonlijk en professioneel. Om verschillende redenen moesten we deze verhuizing uitstellen maar begin 2011 maakten we de grote beslissing om ons definitief in Zuid-Afrika te vestigen.

      Met ons gezin hebben we de afgelopen 15 jaar in Hong Kong gewoond. Zonder familie of kennissen waar we in Zuid-Afrika op terug konden vallen, werd het ons al snel duidelijk dat we professionele hulp nodig hadden bij het zoeken naar scholen voor onze kinderen (9 en 11 jaar), huisvesting en alle andere hindernissen die op je pad komen als je naar een ander land verhuist.

      Door het efficiente werken van Sue en daarbij haar gedetailleerde kennis op het gebied van scholen en huisvesting, konden we tijdens ons bezoek in augustus 2011 een (internationale) school selecteren voor onze dochters (het eerste kwartaal is net afgelopen en we zijn heel tevreden over deze schoolkeuze). Ook maakten we in deze week een keuze voor een korte termijn huur van een volledig gemeubileerd huis (2 maanden) zodat we in januari 2012 voldoende tijd hadden om een huis voor de langere termijn te vinden. Sue wist ondertussen haarfijn onze smaak en wensen en nadat we op 2 januari 2012 in Zuid-Afrika waren neergestreken hadden we al binnen 2 weken het (voor ons) perfecte huis gevonden.

      Scholing en huisvesting zijn zeer belangrijk, zo niet het belangrijkste als je in een ‘nieuw' land gaat wonen maar vergeet niet alle andere cruciale ‘bijzaken' als het regelen van visa, het evalueren van de fiscale gevolgen van een permanente vestiging in ZA, het openen van een bankrekening, het overnemen van de telefoonlijn, ... Maar ook het vinden van specifieke winkels en allerlei andere kleine praktische zaken kan lastig zijn als je niet weet waar je moet zijn. Sue heeft altijd zeer snel, efficient maar bovenal ook vriendelijk en zeer geduldig op al onze vragen geantwoord en wist ze het ‘even’ niet dan had ze haar kanalen om ons toch te informeren of ons te introduceren bij specialisten voor bijvoorbeeld visa en belasting zaken.

      Mocht u ooit plannen hebben om naar de omgeving van Kaapstad te verhuizen dan kunnen we niet anders dan SPACE aanraden om alles wat bij een verhuizing komt kijken zo soepel en georganiseerd mogelijk te laten verlopen. We zijn ten alle tijde bereid om onze ervaringen met SPACE via telefoon of e-mail met u te delen (Sue heeft onze contact gegevens).

      Rest ons niets dan Sue heel hartelijk te bedanken voor alles wat ze voor ons heeft gedaan en we wensen SPACE alle goeds toe!"

      Koos, Alida, Daisy en Ilona, Blijdorp.



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